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Levittown Then . . .
Just a Snowstorm

December 16, 2013 3:23 am0 commentsViews: 258
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KidsSledding-1950Winter got an early start this year, with two snowstorms in early December and kids getting the welcome news that schools were closed. For many parents and Baby Boomers, every snowstorm brings back memories of similar days. G Emil Reutter, a poet and author who was raised in Levittown, captures the essence of those memories in the poem presented here.

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Just a Snowstorm

Ice taps against the windowpane,

snow is on the way and I find myself

in the midst of nor’easters of the past. How

the smell of bacon and eggs, coffee brewing

would wake us from the slumber of a no-school

day. On snow days, the house was full of

warmth and we knew after breakfast it was time

to shovel. He would have the shovels lined up,

waiting for us like a foreman on a construction

site. We each would get an assignment and he

would join us in clearing pathways around the

house, the driveway and the dreaded apron just

off the street. At noon, we would retreat into the

house where she would have soup, sandwiches and

cocoa ready. We would look out at our work,

the perfect lines in the snow of which he was

so proud, waiting for the street plow to cover

the apron in a few feet of slush. Pulling on coats,

we would attack the slushy apron, clearing it, hoping

the plow would not return. He headed for the house,

we went to the sled hill for a few hours knowing when we

returned she would have grilled cheese or

even pot pies for us. I think of them as the ice

patters against the window, I smell the bacon and

eggs, taste the cocoa, miss the image of the shovels

lined up just so…and I savor this small memory

of those who have passed on to another place.